How & Where to catch/get – *LEGIT* Arceus in Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2

Skip to 2:02 to see the GOD pokemon 😀 Highly requested pokemon,transferred from my Platinum,this Arceus is Physical Sweeper and can devastate the opponent’s team.Hope this also helps you guys in completing pokedex too :) Make sure to LIKE and COMMENT —————————————————————————————————————- —————————————————————————————————————- Written Instructions for those who don’t have an eye =P —————————————————————————————————————- {Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite} 1. Start your Pokemon Black/White game 2. Select “NINTENDO WFC SETTINGS” 3. Select “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings” 4. Select the connection that you’re using 5. Scroll down, than put “Auto-obtain DNS” off, end edit the Primary DNS to : (just ignore the secondary DNS) 6. Save your settings and you’re done! —————————————————————————————————————- {Nintendo DSi / Nintendo DSi XL} 1.Go to “system Settings” 2.Go to page 3 in the Settings 3.Click on Internet 4.Click on Connection settings 4.Go to step set a or 5b 5a.Click on conection1,2,or 3(What every one your using) 5b.Click advance settings 6a.Click Change Settings 6b.Click on conection4,5,or 6(What every one your using) 7a.Go to the DNS and click no if on yes
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24 Responses to How & Where to catch/get – *LEGIT* Arceus in Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2

  1. iHeartlessHero1337 says:

    Honestly if you have the ability to do this.. just use pokecheck and send yourself a Toys R Us Arceus.. at least the Toys R Us Arceus is legit. With a pretty cherish ball and all

  2. HiroUchihaSan says:

    Nobody said anything about the Law.. We are talking about legitimacy of pokemon. As in if you were an actual competitive battler and not just some kid who likes pretty pokemon, your team would get rejected if you had a shiny Arceus. But I guess most 13 year olds don’t care about stuff like that anyways.

  3. matt D. says:

    Illegal? last time i checked, the law didn’t affect pokemon gameplay

  4. Logan Mcalister says:

    i get random pokemon but the third time i got a shiny celebi

  5. r0bert173 says:

    How do you determine what pokemon you will get?

  6. Phillip Nash says:

    It will give u random pokemon but its good to fill up your pokedex

  7. jraju350 says:

    I already did this and have every legendary and just beat chere

  8. volt996 says:

    holy shit it worked!!!!
    i would blow you if i could!!!

  9. TheFurryWolf578 says:


  10. noah tillman says:

    i have a ds lite and cant open internet browser

  11. maximos tsamb says:

    i get a darukama

  12. demonchild807 says:

    Give me your friend code I have like ten of them.

  13. TotalBrosCut says:

    Hey before anyone does this or anything like it make sure you don’t have any pokemon waiting in the global trade system because they will be lost

  14. Clay Thomas says:

    Thanks I got a donphan but I will keep tryin tytyty (brofist)

  15. Ronald Bermeo says:


  16. Xmastershadow says:

    There already is one. It is a shiny one too 😀

  17. Jason Joseph says:

    will this mess up my pokemon game like action replay

  18. theroflmao6101 says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    (not in the gay way)

  19. Rodrigo Vieira says:

    LOL I try to do it and i recive a PRINPLUP level 47

  20. XTRACrunchyX says:

    Normal ds has no internet browser :( (dslite)

  21. cyberwolf253 says:

    I got a mew and a celeby keep it up

  22. kaitlyngrrl12 says:

    This won’t screw up your 3ds will it

  23. xav3000 says:

    yay it worked

  24. Alex Smith says:

    Dude, you amaze me. thanks for the arceus :)